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Children learning about small things in the earth


Vermicompost  is the product of the decomposition, to create a mixture of decomposing vegetable waste, or organic bedding materials, such as leaves, grass clippings & other types of natural materials, using various species of worms like the Red Wigglers. This process is called vermicomposting.

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Different types of Microgreens


I am using what most people consider 'plant waste'. When I am done harvesting my microgreens, I get what is called plant waste. One of the ways most people use their plant waste matter is they put it in their compost pile. I however, use it to feed my worms. They get the best. So in turn I get the best Worm Castings ever. They get so many vitamins & minerals from my 'plant waste' they are just briming in showing their appreciation by giving me the best Worm Castings ever.

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Red Wigglers


The Type of Worm I use is called The Red Wiggler. They are one of the best types of Worm to use in composting your soil. They create a soil builder by doing just what they do naturally. When the worms are done digesting their food they leave behind a soil builder that helps the plant become stronger & they help deter any plant pests.

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Worm Castings is created by the worms naturally, from when they are done consuming their food, they leave behind a natural soil builder that helps strengthen the plants root system, which in turn creates a stronger plant. This soil builder is a natural carbon-based food source for microbes in the soil which promotes soil aeration & healthy plant growing. 

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